Happy Family


Healthy Muslim Families and Community


To meet the basic physical and emotional needs of the community within an Islamic context.

Fostering Healthy Families

The Fostering Healthy Families program provides direct support services to family members and individuals affected by family violence in the immigrant community. IFSSA is committed to helping keep families together and free from abuse. Also to guide those that have been affected by violence in the family to heal, regain control and to feel safe in having a place to come to for help.

Services provided through IFSSA’s Fostering Healthy Families program are non-judgmental and confidential.

Outreach Worker Supports

Our outreach workers provide one-on-one supports to victims that is culturally and religiously sensitive. The outreach worker will conduct a thorough assessments and intake and can help clients in a variety of ways including:

  • Obtaining protection orders
  • Advocacy
  • Housing and legal supports
  • Referrals
  • Risk management and safety planning

Culturally and Religiously Sensitive Counselling

A Muslim female provisional psychologist provides counselling services in the areas of trauma, self-esteem, marital discord, family mediation, depression and healthy relationships. The services are offered in a sensitive and knowledgeable manner with an understanding of cultural and Islamic aspects. Financial subsidies are available for clients with demonstrated need.

Serenity Group – A Support Group for Women

The Serenity Group is a safe place for women to meet, connect and feel supported. The group is facilitated by a qualified professional who guides, educates and assists the group in emotional processing. Transportation assistance and child care are available to participants.

Resource Referrals

Referrals to a variety of community programs and services are available including help with navigating Alberta Works, victims services, housing, legal aid, shelters, food and counselling.

Basic Needs Supports for Victims and their Families:

Clients of the Fostering Healthy Families are encouraged to take advantage of IFSSA’s other programs and services including the Essential Needs program from which food, clothing and household items are provided.

Facts on Family Violence

  • Family violence is not specific to one cultural, religious or socio-economic group.
  • Being abused cannot be justified and it is never the victim’s fault – using violence to solve problems is a choice.
  • Families can heal and the cycle of abuse can be broken.
  • Police will charge those that choose to participate in domestic abuse.
  • A man who hits his wife has chosen to break the law and must be prepared to accept the consequences.
  • A man or women can get counselling to stop being violent or mistreating their partner.

The Fostering Healthy Families Program is made possible through funding from the Government of Alberta.